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Suzhou LKF  Environmental and Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in environmental filtration equipment research, development, design and production, our main products are: industrial non-woven filter bags, PP polypropylene filter bags, PE polyester filter bags, double layers filter bags , Nylon filter bag, oil absorption filter bag, single bag filter housing, Multi bag filter housing, plastic filter housing, Jacketed filter housing, dulpex filter housing, stainless steel liner rubber filter housing, automatic backwashing filter, Self-cleaning filters...

Division I for the electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, paint, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, ink, resin, water treatment and other industrial areas to provide filtration solutions. 

Since the establishment of the company, expanding business scope, sales performance gradually increased, the product is widely used in various industrial areas throughout the country.

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Companyname:Suzhou LKF Environmental and Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact:Ms.Helen Zhao



Address:A3-5F-172, No.99 Renai Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu P.R. China

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