• Multi Bag Round Filter Housing

Multi Bag Round Filter Housing

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  • Multi Bag Round Filter Housing
  • Material: 304SS
  • Pressure: 0.6-2.0Mpa
  • Inlet&Outlet: DN50-DN450

Product Introduction

LKFM series Multi bag filter housing is designed with a proven swing eye-bolt or segment clamp closure mechanism. Positive O-ring sealing offers easy and safe operation.We can provide almost all kinds of multi-bag filter housings available, from double-bag type to 24-bag type, complete in specifications. If you buy our multi-bag filter housings, you can wait for a long time to change the used bags. 
Multi bag filter housing Specification:
Flow rate:90-1080T/H
Filtration area:1-12 m2/h
Housing Material:304SS or 316SS or Carbon Steel
Max. Pressure:1.0Mpa
Filter Media:PP/PE Filter Bag、Nylon Filter Bag、Stainless steel Filter screen
Optional Micron:0.5um,1um,5um,10um,25,50,75,100,125,150,200,250,300......1000um
Filtration system application:
Automotive/Paints, Coating, Inks, Dispersions/Water and Water Treatment /Solvents/Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids
Parts Cleaning Solutions/Pulp and Paper /Pharmaceutical/Food Processing/Chemical Processing/Edible Oils
Period of production:15-25 days after the payment.

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